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Acunetix has helped many leading companies in securing their websites and web applications. These case studies illustrate the experiences and insights of some of our clients, highlighting how Acunetix has successfully helped them meet their web security needs.

VITA’s Web Application Vulnerability Scanning Program, implemented in 2016, uses Acunetix to check more than 1,600 public-facing web applications and another couple thousand internal ones at more than 67 state agencies every quarter.

Stephanie Kanowitz, GCN

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Eastern Institute of Technology

Manual testing and detection of web vulnerabilities can be very time consuming. Automated Web Vulnerability Scanners (WVS) help with the detection of vulnerabilities in web applications. Acunetix is one of the widely used vulnerability scanners.

Anjel Rajan, Dr. Emre Erturk, Eastern Institute of Technology, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

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chungwha telecom

Having used Acunetix since 2009, we find it an essential tool in protecting our interior critical systems and helping our customers protect their own systems.”

Chen Chiu Lin, Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan

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The company needed a ‘digital fortress’ to protect the private/personal information and monitor any security vulnerabilities ongoing. Acunetix is instrumental in massively reducing online risk – making sure there are no black holes which could be exploited.

Anthony Sinclair, Vocal Views, UK

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Acunetix is used in a complementary way with other Web Scanners to achieve the best vulnerability detection coverage possible.

Nicolas Pougetoux, Lexsi, France

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Acunetix allowed us to identify some major vulnerabilities before hackers were able to exploit them. This has made Sendy a far more secure application and hugely reduced the risk of us being breached.

Ben Ho, Sendy

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Acunetix has helped make our application stronger and given our clients the assurance that their data is safe.

Benjamin De Point, Catertrax

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With Acunetix WVS we were able to perform our tasks better, thus improving the quality, stability and security of Joomla! We would like to thank Acunetix for supporting the Joomla! project and giving us the opportunity to use its tool.

Robin Muilwijk, Joomla!

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A strong and comprehensive web vulnerability scanner that can be used to discover flaws in our customers’ web applications as well as first class support from Acunetix.

Jesper Helbrandt, Digicure, Denmark

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Acunetix has played a very important role in the identification and mitigation of web application vulnerabilities. Acunetix has proven itself and is worth the cost. Thank you Acunetix team.

Mr Rodgers, US Air Force, USA

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We tried several web vulnerability scanning solutions and only Acunetix met our expectations. With it, we were able to identify security vulnerabilities in our flagship product.

Mohammed Ahmed Goutah, Tasheel Information Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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The biggest benefit of using Acunetix WVS is the amount of vulnerabilities Acunetix WVS reports. It is amazing.

Laurent Desaulniers, Student and Member of Team Random, Canada

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Since it was a free service offered to nonprofit organizations, I decided why not. It would only strengthen my resolve that my programming was flawless! After scheduling an evening website scan so as to not impact the server, I was shocked when a PDF report was emailed to me in the morning indicating that 67 high priority problems were encountered!

A. C. Silvestri, Webmaster, MA, USA

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