The Payment Card Industry Compliance

Securing both Merchant and Customer data This white paper introduces the Payment Card Industry Compliance standard, and the security threats which brought about the need to standardize the data protection of both merchants and customers. The internet is no longer … [+]

Are AJAX applications vulnerable to Hack Attacks?

This paper reviews AJAX technologies with specific reference to JavaScript and Ajax Security.  It briefly documents the kinds of vulnerability classes that should raise security concerns among developers, website owners and the respective visitors. The proposed solution suggests auditing AJAX … [+]

Audit your Website security with Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

A practical “how to” using Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner – Auditing the security of your website with Acunetix WVS is easy. Acunetix WVS performs most of the steps in an automated manner and therefore giving you a good idea of … [+]

70% of websites at immediate risk of being hacked!

70% of websites at immediate risk of being hacked!

Acunetix reveals latest statistics based on one year of conducting web application scans Kirkland, Washington – February 12, 2007 – Businesses and non-commercial entities have much to consider when it comes to securing their web applications and the data they keep … [+]

PHP and SQL Security

This white paper looks at some of the issues that should be considered every time a PHP script is written. Problems such as SQL Injections, Directory Traversal and other technical vulnerabilities, with well-designed code and some basic security experience, can … [+]

Hotmail, MSN and Amazon Susceptible to Attack via Cross Site Scripting

Acunetix WVS protects the loss of sensitive personal data due to XSS attacks London, UK – 05 July, 2006 – A 16 year old Dutch student, Adriaan Graas, interested in Internet security and web development discovered a hack for the popular … [+]

Microsoft France hacked – can you afford to be the next?

Microsoft France hacked – can you afford to be the next?

Acunetix secures web applications and prevents website defacement and irreversible damage to your company’s reputation London, UK – 19 June, 2006 – One of the websites of Microsoft France was attacked this weekend by a group of Turkish hackers who … [+]