Subdomain Scanner

The Subdomain Scanner in Acunetix WVS scans a top-level domain to discover subdomains configured in its hierarchy, by using the target domain’s DNS server, or any other DNS server specified by the user.  While scanning, this tool will also automatically identify and inform the user if the domain being scanned is using some kind of wildcard characters, such as *

Scanning a domain for Subdomains

Enter the Top Level Domain Name in the ‘Domain’ input field, e.g.  Then select the DNS  Server to use from the drop down menu; or use the target’s DNS server i.e. the authoritative name servers for the domain, or specify a DNS server of your choice.

The default timeout specified is an optimal setting; 10 seconds.  Increase the timeout value if requests are timing out.  Once the scan is finished you can right-click the discovered subdomains to launch a scan against them, or send custom requests using the HTTP Editor.  You can also export the list of subdomains to a text-file to be imported into the scan wizard, or export the results to a CSV file.

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  • is there anyway to script this tool from the command line interface?

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