Target Finder tool

The Target Finder tool in Acunetix WVS is a port scanner which can be used to discover running web servers on a given IP or within a specified range of IP’s.  The list of ports on which the web servers are listening can also be configured.  The default ports the scanner will scan are port 80 for HTTP and port 443 for SSL.

To Start a scan enter a single IP or a range of IP’s to be scanned, e.g.  If the web servers to be scanned are listening on non default ports add the port numbers to the ‘List of Ports’ entry field.

Discovered web server/s is/are displayed in real time mode, as soon as they are discovered.  The server type, hostname and server banner are also retrieved.  HTTPS web servers are identified by a padlock icon .

You can right-click the discovered web server to launch a scan against it, or send custom requests using the HTTP Editor.  You can also export the list of discovered web servers to a text-file to be imported into the scan wizard, or else export the list of servers to a CSV file.

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