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More comprehensive scanning with Acunetix WVS v9.5 – Part I

May 05, 2014 - 08:15am

In these 2 articles, I will be detailing the new functionality introduced in Acunetix WVS version 9.5. An important update introduced in the new version of Acunetix WVS is full JSON and XML support. If you are scanning a web ... [+]

FAQ: What additional features does Acunetix WVS include?

The following features complete the Acunetix WVS scanning arsenal: Innovative AcuSensor technology Web server configuration detection Web server security scan (Port Scanner) against services such as DNS, SSH etc Dictionary (brute force) attacker to test password strength of login pages … [+]

FAQ: How does Acunetix reduce false positives?

Acunetix WVS is a heuristic scanner and not a signature based scanner, which by design is an efficient way of reducing false positives. With the introduction of AcuSensor Technology, false positive reporting has been drastically reduced because vulnerability detection is no longer … [+]

FAQ: Why does Acunetix WVS detect pages that don’t exist on my website?

Some websites are designed to use custom 404 error pages instead of a web browser’s standard error page because they can be branded and made to contain links to other important pages. If your website uses custom 404 error pages … [+]

FAQ: I'm worried that a live directory or file might be risky to scan in realtime. What can I do?

Acunetix WVS features a directory and file filter which allows you to safely exclude specific URLs or directories from the scan. To create a directory filter: In the Tools Explorer, click ‘Configuration’ and then click ‘Settings’ in the main panel. … [+]

FAQ: How does the file type filtering system work?

Acunetix WVS can safely ignore certain file types which cannot be exploited by a hacker, and therefore cannot be considered as vulnerable. By ignoring these files types a scan will take less time to complete, and will be more efficient … [+]

FAQ: Can I manually import scan results into the Acunetix database file?

Should you need to generate a report for a security scan performed at an eariler stage, it is possible to load a saved scan result file and manually import it into the Acunetix WVS reporting database. To generate a report … [+]

FAQ: How does Acunetix WVS perform an automated scan and detect vulnerabilities?

As a pattern and exploit analysis tool, Acunetix WVS performs a web security audit by executing the following 3 sub-tasks: Step 1: Target identification WVS checks if the target(s) are running a web server, and therefore host any websites. Information … [+]

FAQ: How can I prevent a scan from flooding me with Acunetix test string emails?

Apart from being an annoyance, if the problem of mass mailing has impacted your site then it could be a web application vulnerability in itself. A hacker or malicious user can perform the same steps to flood the mail system, … [+]