Hot on the release of Acunetix v11, check out what’s NEW in this brief presentation highlighting:

  • A brand new web interface re-engineered from the ground up for greater usability and manageability
  • New integrated vulnerability management features to prioritize and manage vulnerabilities
  • Multi-user, Multi-role features
  • Issue tracker integration

Acunetix v11 focuses on closing the remediation gap faster, with less friction and more insight.


Tamara Naudi
Marketing Manager
Tamara started off her career with Acunetix in 2005. Since then she has witnessed the company grow into a leader in the web security sphere.

  • hello
    i have one question, in the video acunetix can open in Localhost, how can?

  • Hi,

    Please advise if my old URL record will be erased after upgraded to version 11 ?


    • Your Acunetix WVS 10.5 installation will not be affected, you can keep using v10.5 to load any old scans and generate reports until you move to v11. Should you need any help with this, please feel free to get in touch with our Support Team at

  • Is there a way to import the earlier scan results (v 10) into the new acunetix dashboard?

    • Scans from v10.5 can not be imported into v11. However, you can keep using v10.5 until you move to v11. Should you need any help with this, please feel free to get in touch with our Support Team at

  • Acunetix v11, it serves https: // localhost: 3443. Is there any way it is served through https: // myprivateip: 3443?

  • Hi,

    Is there any accessibility issue (like failed to launch the application) with version 10.5 if I upgraded it to version 11 ? I’m realized that the version 10.5 application cannot be launched and a message prompted with licensing not valid.

    • Hi,

      If you retained your v10.5 installation when you upgrade to v11, v10.5 will continue working. You will not however be able to install a new copy of v10.5 after you upgrade to v11. If you have issues with this, please contact our team at, and they will guide you accordingly.

  • Hello, I have a question the version 11 does not let me pause the scan, ie I’m running my scan and I want to pause it to proceed with the scan the next day, I see that it only lets me stop it, losing the percentage of the scanned.

    Can the scan be paused?

    • Hi,

      Scan pausing will be available in the upcoming version. We will soon be releasing a BETA which will be available to all customers.

  • I am woondering when will you releasing the new beta version? The Acunetix 11 have no update since late Nov. The scanner without pause function is such a frustrated drawback.

  • Hi,

    Is the http response recorded anywhere in Acunetix 11? I can find the http requests and attack details, but not the response

  • Hi Nicholas,

    I should have been more specific: We need to know what the response was at the time of the scan. Is there any way we can get that?

  • Hi,
    How can we setup HTTP options in version 11, wherein we can limit the number of parallel connections?
    Also , I can’t see HTTP editor which we have in older version.

    Infact, in the product manual its mentioned that we can create users but I am not able to see any such option, could you please clarify how I can create new users?

  • Hi Lillian,

    The HTTP response is not currently recorded by Acunetix. You can however replay the request provided as described earlier.

  • I am not comfortable with the new version , is it possible to downgrade the version of the license purchased? Somewhere I feel version 10.5 is much better than the new version,even though if we can’t access the tool using a web interface the thick client provides us with numerous feature, most important we can analyse response on the go.

    • Hi,

      I am sorry that you are not comfortable yet with the latest version of Acunetix. The new UI does have take sometime to get used to. Acunetix v10.5 is no longer supported, and we are not releasing any new updates for it.

      I have taken note of your request to provide the HTTP Response – this feature will be considered for future updates.

  • I have to say that V11 has been a complete joke for us. Removal of so many features from 10.5 makes it unusable and we are still using 10.5 as a result. If V12 is better we may look again, but right now V11 is a major regression

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