Acunetix WVS is designed to perform a web security scan by using a web application as an exploitable front-end, through which it can make contact with a web server. This approach ensures that WVS does not rely on specific compatible web-servers or web technology for a scan to be executed.

Some checks — which Acunetix WVS launches against a target — have dependencies, e.g. test ‘A’ is performed only if the server has PHP technology.  This is because there are specific vulnerabilities which target only on PHP security, and do not impact other technologies like Cold Fusion.


Therefore if there is no particular test for a specific web technology, the Web Technology in question will not be listed under ‘Optimize for the following technologies’, as there are no tests designed exclusively for it.

If new vulnerabilities are discovered specifically for a web technology, the web technology in question will be added under ‘Optimize for the following technologies’.

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  • Hi Chrysostomos,

    I had a scenario during my scan about a questions on this Technologies matters. I selected ASP as the technologies before I begin my scan and after 55% of scan, I STOP the scan then I restart the scan again, but the technologies had changed to ASP.NET without me doing and changes.

    Could you please explain to me, the significant of this Technologies selection and why it changed from my selection to a different after a STOP and START process?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Alan,

      When running the Scan Wizard, Acunetix will analyze a few pages to try and identify the technology used. You will however need to confirm the technology detected and change as needed.

      As Chrysostomos explained, there are some checks which are specific to particular technologies. The generic checks are executed irrelevant of the technology detected.

      Contact our support team at We can verify your website and give you a more definitive answer.

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