Acunetix WVS Scripting reference available

With Acunetix WVS version 6, Acunetix introduced a Port Scanner and Network Alerts. When scanning a website, a port scan against the web server can be launched (optional) and once open ports are found specific network security tests are launched against the network service running on that port. A full range of tests are available, such as DNS open recursion, DNS cache poisoning, badly configured proxy servers, weak SNMP community strings and much more.

These tests are scripts based on Microsoft Active Scripting technology, so one can easily modify them or even write his own tests. Acunetix WVS is shipped with more than 80 network security checks by default and these can be found in [Application Directory]DataScriptsNetwork.

A full Scripting reference is available here

So start writing your own tests now and let Acunetix know about it, your script might be included in future Acunetix WVS builds!

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