In version 8 of WVS, it is possible to save the settings used to scan a website as a template. It is possible to have as many scan settings templates as you like, and they can all be recalled on the fly when performing repetitive scans.

NOTE: The Acunetix WVS scan settings templates are stored in the C:UsersPublicDocumentsAcunetix WVS 8Settings directory.

If you frequently audit a website for vulnerabilities, it is recommended to store the settings used during the scan as a template, to avoid reconfiguring WVS manually every time that website is scanned. This is how it’s done:

In WVS, click on Configuration > Scan Settings:

  • Click the New Scan Settings button next to the Template drop down menu and enter a name for the new scan settings.
  • Make sure that the scan settings template is selected in the template drop down menu and then configure the required settings.
  • When done, click the Apply button in the lower right corner to save the changes you made to the selected template.

You can follow the same procedure for every different target you will be scanning which requires different settings from other sites.

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