When trying to update the latest build from Acunetix WVS, you encounter the following error:

Unable to download fullver8/2013_03_08_01_webvulnscan8.exe. Try again later.

More Information

Acunetix has recently changed its update mechanism to a new and secure product download system. This update has been implemented in build 20130205. Starting from 8 March 2013, old builds cannot be updated automatically. The above error will be shown when you try to update an old WVS build directly from “Product Updates”


To remediate the issue, you will need to update your installation manually. Download the update from You will need your license key to download the latest build.

Note: This fix only applies to builds prior to build 20130205. If you are running this build, or above, and are unable to download the updates automatically, kindly open a support ticket by emailing


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  • I have installed Acunetix on a internal system (private ip).We are using it to scan websites hosted both internally and externally.
    There are 2 questions
    1. Does Acunetix v9 automatically updates itself or not ?

    2. If it updates automatically how will it connect to acunetix server for updating its database for new exploit and testcases if i have deployed consultant edition internally and there is firewall in between.

    Which port number does it use for updating and what is the Ip address of the Acunetix server which provides the updates so that we can whitelist that Ip address in our firewall

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