Acunetix together with partners Winmill Software will be exhibiting at the 3rd annual New York Metro Joint Cyber Security Conference to be held on the 5th October 2016 at 11 Times Square, New York City, USA.

The event is a collaborative event of leading professional associations in the New York City Metropolitan that each play a critical role in providing resources and a forum. The event has been cooperatively developed, organized and delivered highlighting the best each organization has to offer.

No individual, business or government entity is solely responsible for securing the Internet. Everyone has a role in securing their part of cyberspace, including the devices and networks they use. Individual actions have a collective impact and when we use the Internet safely, we make it more secure for everyone.

Regional Sales Executive, Daniel McClean will be present at the Acunetix stand and will be delighted to entertain customer enquiries and feedback.


Tamara Naudi
Marketing Manager
Tamara started off her career with Acunetix in 2005. Since then she has witnessed the company grow into a leader in the web security sphere.