Chris Martin, Acunetix CEO and Ian Muscat, Acunetix Product Communications Manager have just returned from it-sa IT Security Congress and Expo 2016 held in Nuremberg, Germany. Acunetix exhibited in partnership with German Distributors for Acunetix – Voquz. Ian Muscat held a number of short presentations on the stand covering topics such as: What’s the big deal with Blind XSS, Automating web security, Taking dynamic scanning further with Gray-Box Testing and Detecting stealthy web application vulnerabilities automatically. Seen here are a couple of photos of the event.


Chris Martin getting ready for action on the first day at it-sa


Ian Muscat highlighting Acunetix what’s to come in Acunetix v11

Tamara Naudi
Marketing Manager
Tamara started off her career with Acunetix in 2005. Since then she has witnessed the company grow into a leader in the web security sphere.