Mark Ralls, the Acunetix President & COO, has been interviewed by Security Weekly at RSAC 2020. The topic of the interview was: “Automation as a Solution for Web Application Security”.

Mark started by emphasizing that small and medium companies are suffering the most from the cybersecurity talent gap. He noted that security experts have more opportunities in larger enterprises or specialized security firms and therefore SMBs have a hard time recruiting. He also admitted to being puzzled by the fact that many SMBs focus on network security instead of web security, while they often have no networks at all – most of their assets are now in the cloud and accessed via the web.

Mark also observed that the requirements for web security have changed in the last couple of years. A few years ago, it was acceptable to do an annual or quarterly penetration test but nowadays, with the current threat landscape, it is necessary to provide continuous security monitoring, especially in the case of customer-facing web assets, where the reputation risk is the highest.

In conclusion, Mark explained how Acunetix is being continuously developed with current SMB needs in mind – it is by design easy-to-use so that it can be handled even by general IT staff, without hours of training, and it also provides additional value – network and malware scanning for web assets. He also emphasized that Acunetix reduces the workload and helps you avoid alert fatigue by automatically verifying vulnerabilities so that you don’t waste time on false positives.

The entire interview is available on YouTube, and if you’d like to discuss how Acunetix can help you secure your business, please reach out for a demo!


Oksana Pure
Marketing Manager
Oksana Pure is a Marketing Manager at Acunetix. She is a world citizen, having worked in Australia, Latvia, France and now Malta. An experienced marketing professional, she is interested in branding, online marketing, and communications.