Invicti, the parent company of Acunetix, is sponsoring an OWASP Lightning Event How to Turn your Cybersecurity Hobby Into a Career – An Introduction to Bug Bounties, taking place on March 15th.

OWASP Lightning Conferences feature high-caliber keynotes, industry panels, and Speaker Q&A in well-timed formats to fit busy lifestyles.

This talk by STÖK will explain how to turn your cybersecurity hobby into a career with bug bounties. STÖK is a cybersecurity expert, hacker, keynote speaker, and content creator with 25+ years of experience in the IT Industry.

Visit the OWASP Lightning Event for a copy of the agenda and more information about the virtual event.

Saran Toure
Marketing Event Specialist
Saran Toure is a Marketing Event Specialist for Invicti Security (the parent company of Acunetix). She is responsible for planning and executing trade shows, webinars, and other events.