Web application security provider extends its services to the UK public sector

LONDON, 13 January 2016 – Acunetix, the pioneer in automated web application security software, is pleased to announce its inclusion in the UK Government’s latest G-Cloud procurement framework, G-Cloud 7. Acunetix will offer their Online Vulnerability Scanner as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), through the Digital Marketplace.

High profile cyber-attacks regularly make the headlines, potentially exposing citizens to financial loss and worry, and costing organisations millions. Consequently web security is becoming higher on the IT agenda for UK organisations in both the private and public sectors – particularly those with a cloud-first approach. Acunetix OVS is designed to scan and identify flaws in websites and web apps, enabling an organisation’s IT team to fix them, before cyber-criminals may strike.

90% of businesses experienced breach

The UK 2015 information security breaches survey (carried out by Department for Business, Innovation and Skills published in June 2015) noted that a staggering 90% of large organisations surveyed, admitted to having experienced at least one data breach within the last year, with 74% of small business reporting a breach. The average cost of breaches continues to soar: the most severe online security breaches for big business reached £3.14 million. With security breaches ever increasing, web vulnerability scanning has become a critical minimum security requirement for all organisations.

Chris Martin, GM at Acunetix, announced, “As cloud computing continues to be widely adopted by the public sector, being awarded a place as a G-Cloud 7 provider is key in allowing us to engage with organisations across the UK. Acunetix is committed to supporting the public sector’s web application security posture and recognises how important service performance and customer support are to its customers who deliver critical services to citizens.”

Built on openness and transparency, G Cloud 7 will help public sector organisations find and compare cloud-based services, such as Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner, tailored to meet their needs. Via the G Cloud framework, Acunetix can now help public sector organisations such as schools, local councils, NHS departments, Police departments, Universities and Not-for-Profit organisations identify vulnerabilities in their web applications and public facing servers.

About Acunetix Online Vulnerability Scanner

Acunetix is a web security scanner that automatically tests websites and web applications for known vulnerabilities, including SQL injection and Cross-site Scripting (XSS). Acunetix has advanced support for next-generation web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript. It also scans perimeter servers for network vulnerabilities, and provides comprehensive reports and useful remediation tips. For more information access Acunetix on the Digital Marketplace.

About G-Cloud procurement framework

The framework has been a great success, aiding 975 public sector organisations making over 56,000 purchases using G-cloud since its launch in 2012. The strong growth is underpinned by the G-Cloud initiative having made it mandatory for central government to adopt cloud computing before other options, thus boosting business and furthering savings and efficiencies. More information on the G-Cloud initiative, can be found here.

Tamara Naudi
Marketing Manager
Tamara started off her career with Acunetix in 2005. Since then she has witnessed the company grow into a leader in the web security sphere.