Acunetix v11 (build 11.0.170461052) has been released. Based on customer feedback, the new build re-implements functionality found in previous versions of Acunetix such as custom scanning profiles, manual intervention and retesting alerts among others.


  • Creation of custom scanning profiles is possible from the Acunetix web UI.
  • Manual Intervention events can be configured as part of a Login Sequence for Captchas and two factor authentication
  • Retesting of vulnerabilities discovered by Acunetix
  • The ability to disable AcuMonitor at license activation
  • Comparison report for two scans of the same Target
  • Reports are now available in both PDF and HTML
  • The site structure is now shown in a hierarchical tree view
  • Excluded hours can be configured per Target, in which no scans will be performed by Acunetix
  • Added information on weak SSL key ciphers
  • The Acunetix license activation allows the user to opt out of AcuMonitor registration
  • Various updates to the WordPress and Joomla vulnerability checks


  • Notifications for vulnerabilities discovered by AcuMonitor now include a link taking the user to the vulnerability identified
  • Various bug fixes in the UI
  • Changed scan status message when scanned target is not responsive
  • Fix in Relative Path Overwrite vulnerability check
  • Various updates and fixes related to AcuMonitor
  • Improved URL validation

Upgrade to the latest build

If you are already using Acunetix v11, you can initiate the automatic upgrade from the new build notification in the Acunetix UI .

If you have not yet installed or upgraded to Acunetix v11, you may download Acunetix version 11 from here. Use your current Acunetix License Key to download and activate the product.

Nicholas Sciberras
Chief Technical Officer
As the CTO at Acunetix, Nicholas is passionate about IT security and technology at large. Prior to joining Acunetix in 2012, Nicholas spent 12 years at GFI Software, where he managed the email security and anti-spam product lines, led multiple customer service teams and provided technical training.

  • There is no update notification and the current version from 11.0.170341008 to the latest version

    How can I get an update file?

    Do I need to remove and reinstall my system?

  • why am i getting error upon launching ? localhost has configured their website incorrectly… should i override and add the exception ??

    • Hi,

      Are you referring to the SSL certfiicate error? You can proceed with adding an exception.

      Alternatively, you can install the SSL certificate in Windows (or in Firefox, which maintains a separate SSL certificate store)

  • Hi,
    I am evaluating the trial version of Acunetix V11 in one site but the Login Sequencer Recorder does not show anything, although I know the site is working and accessible. Maybe an issue between LSR and NodeJs? Thank you

    • Hi,

      We would need to investigate the site to get a better idea of what is happening. Can you contact our support ( pls?

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