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Is a security audit of your website really necessary?

Almost everyday there is a report of a new high-profile web site being hacked. The target usually is sensitive corporate information that can be misused to affect a company’s reputation and finances. Research firm IDG reported 36% more cybersecurity incidents in 2016 than the year prior. We’ve all seen the headlines — high-profile breaches impacting large brands such as Target, Yahoo, and the like raise continued questions of data safety. While media attention tends to focus on security breaches impacting household brand names, small businesses unfortunately are just as vulnerable.

The difference is that for a small business, the cost of a breach can prove catastrophic. A recent KPMG report found that 19% of consumers would abandon a retailer entirely following a hack, and another 33% would avoid a breached retailer for at least three months.

So how are hackers getting in? Hackers are using web applications such as login pages, shopping carts and contact forms, – which are online at all hours, every day of the week – to access the backend databases of many organizations. Bad programming and the lack of a comprehensive security audit is to be blamed for this escalating problem.

This situation only highlights the importance of performing a regular web security audit to ensure that data such as credit card details and personal information from customers and employees are safe.

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