Incremental Scan Node

Incremental scanning is a feature provided by Acunetix 360 to identify new or amended URLs and attack only those webpages detected in your web application.


Acunetix 360 crawls and attacks your web application to identify vulnerabilities and issues. If configured to do so, Acunetix 360 can also crawl and then wait for your approval to start the attacking process. This option allows you to include or exclude files or folders during the Attacking stage. Alternatively, you can use the Incremental Scan to instruct Acunetix 360 to attack only newly introduced, and amended, pages since the initial scan.

Once the scan is completed, all incremental scans are listed under the Incremental Scan node in the Knowledge Base. You can access the same information in the Knowledge Base Report and Knowledge Base Tab.



Acunetix 360 forms Knowledge Base nodes on its findings. If the Incremental Scan node is not listed, it means that Acunetix 360 did not find any.

For further information, see Knowledge Base Nodes.

How to View the Incremental Scan Node in Acunetix 360

The Incremental Scan node is described in detail in the Setting up incremental Scans document.


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