Network Alert Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Name CVE CWE Severity
Bonjour service running CWE-16  Low
Chargen service running CWE-16  Medium
Daytime service running CWE-16  Informational
Debian OpenSSL predictable random number generator (SSH) CVE-2008-0166  CWE-310  High
DNS cache poisoning CVE-2008-1447  CWE-16  High
DNS cache snooping CWE-16  Medium
DNS open recursion CWE-16  Medium
DNS zone transfer CVE-1999-0532  CWE-16  High
Echo service running CWE-16  Medium
Exim Illegal IPv6 Address and SPA Authentication Buffer Overflow CVE-2005-0021  CWE-119  High
Finger service running CWE-16  Medium
FTP anonymous logins CWE-16  Low
FTP anonymous writable directories CWE-16  Medium
FTP weak password CWE-16  High
IMAP weak password CWE-16  High
LDAP anonymous binds CWE-16  Medium
Microsoft SQL Server weak password CWE-16  High
Microsoft SQL Server weak password encryption vulnerability CVE-2000-0199  CWE-310  Medium
MySQL 5.1 to 5.1.18 multiple vulnerabilities CVE-2007-2691  CVE-2007-2692  CVE-2007-2693  CWE-264  High
MySQL buffer overflow in user defined functions CVE-2005-2558  CWE-119  High
MySQL Community Server 5.0 to 5.0.45 multiple vulnerabilities CVE-2007-2691  CVE-2007-2692  CVE-2007-3780  CVE-2007-3781  CVE-2007-3782  CWE-264  Low
MySQL Community Server symlink attack vulnerability CVE-2004-0381  CVE-2004-0388  CWE-284  High
MySQL Community Server to 5.1.23 / 6.0.4 multiple vulnerabilities CVE-2007-5969  CVE-2007-5970  CVE-2007-6313  CVE-2008-0226  CVE-2008-0227  CWE-264  High
MySQL Enterprise Server v.5.0.52 multiple vulnerabilities CVE-2007-5969  CVE-2007-6303  CVE-2007-6304  CWE-264  High
MySQL server older than 3.23.36 CVE-2001-0407  CWE-284  High
MySQL server older than 4.0.6 or 3.23.54 CVE-2002-1373  CVE-2002-1374  CVE-2002-1375  CVE-2002-1376  CWE-284  High
MySQL server older than 4.0.21 CVE-2004-0957  CWE-284  High
MySQL server older than 4.0.21 or 3.23.59 CVE-2004-0835  CVE-2004-0836  CVE-2004-0837  CWE-284  High
MySQL server older than 4.0.24 or 4.1.10a CVE-2005-0709  CVE-2005-0710  CVE-2005-0711  CWE-284  High
MySQL Server weak password CWE-16  High
NSS Library SSL v.2.0 remote command execution CVE-2007-0009  CWE-119  High
Open proxy server CWE-16  Medium
Open SOCKS server CWE-16  Medium
Open X11 server CWE-16  High
Oracle Database Listener has no password CWE-16  High
POP3 weak password CWE-16  High
PostgreSQL weak password CWE-16  High
Proxy accepts CONNECT requests CWE-16  High
Proxy accepts CONNECT requests to itself CWE-16  Medium
Proxy accepts POST requests CWE-16  High
Proxy can be used to connect to arbitrary ports CWE-16  High
RealVNC remote authentication bypass CVE-2006-2369  CWE-287  High
Rlogin service running CWE-16  Low
Rsh service running CWE-16  Low
SMB Administrator account without password CWE-16  High
SMB list shares CWE-16  Low
SMB null session CWE-16  Low
SMTP EXPN/VRFY verbs enabled CWE-16  Medium
SMTP open mail relay CWE-16  Medium
SNMP information disclosure CWE-16  Medium
Socks weak password CWE-16  High
Solaris in.fingerd information disclosure vulnerability CVE-2001-1503  CWE-16  High
SSH weak password CWE-16  High
Sybase server weak password CWE-307  High
Telnet service running CWE-16  Low
Telnet weak password CWE-307  High
Trojan horse detected CWE-507  High
Universal Plug and Play service running CWE-287  Medium
UnrealIRCd backdoor CVE-2010-2075  CWE-20  High
VNC does not require authentication CWE-287  High
Windows Terminal Services server running CWE-16  Informational
XDMCP service running CWE-16  Low