Vulnerability Name CVE Severity
Apache 2.x version equal to 2.0.51 CVE-2004-0811
Apache ActiveMQ default administrative credentials
Apache Airflow Exposed configuration
Apache Airflow Unauthorized Access Vulnerability
Apache APISIX default token (CVE-2020-13945/CVE-2022-24112) CVE-2020-13945
Apache balancer-manager application publicly accessible
Apache Geronimo default administrative credentials
Apache Tomcat insecure default administrative password
ColdFusion administrator login page publicly available
Database User Has Admin Privileges
Ektron CMS Account Hijack
Fortinet Authentication bypass on administrative interface CVE-2022-40684
Jupyter Notebook publicly accessible
Kentico CMS RCE CVE-2017-17736
OSGi Management Console Default Credentials
RethinkDB administrative interface publicly exposed
SAP NetWeaver RECON CVE-2020-6287
Typo3 Admin publicly accessible
Typo3 Install Tool publicly accessible
Unauthorized Access to a web app installer
Unprotected Apache NiFi API interface
Unprotected Kong Gateway Admin API interface
Unprotected phpMyAdmin interface
Unrestricted access to Odoo DB manager
VirtueMart access control bypass
WordPress admin accessible without HTTP authentication