Advanced penetration testing tools included

In addition to its automated scanning engine, Acunetix includes advanced tools to allow penetration testers to fine tune web application security checks:

  • HTTP Editor – With this tool you can easily construct HTTP/HTTPS requests and analyze the web server response.
  • HTTP Sniffer – Intercept, log and modify all HTTP/HTTPS traffic and reveal all data sent by a web application
  • HTTP Fuzzer – Performs sophisticated testing for buffer overflows and input validation. Test thousands of input variables with the easy to use rule builder of the HTTP fuzzer. Tests that would have taken days to perform manually can now be done in minutes.
  • Blind SQL Injector – Ideal for penetration testers, the Blind SQL injector is an automated database data extraction tool that is perfect for making manual tests that allow further testing for SQL injections.
  • Create custom attacks or modify existing ones with the Web Vulnerability Editor

Download the Free Manual Pen Testing Tools