• Hi! I have a question about login sequence file.
    If i want to create a login sequence file but i don’t want to use acunetix gui, can you show me the same way executing in the web interface?

    • Hi,

      You can only generate a login sequence file from the Acunetix interface. This would need to be pre-configured beforehand before you can use it from the Scheduled Scans web interface.

  • I am not be able to make login sequence of my site. I try to record it but i am not be able to login in Login sequence browser. Rather than that it’s working fine in Every single browser (except IE<10 ).

    Can I change the Login Sequence browser ??
    Can Anyone help me out , i am stuck in this matter since last four days. Every possible way i try, but it's not worked at all.

    Harsh Cygnet

    • Hi,

      The User Agent that is used the Login Sequence Recorder (LSR) is the one that is selected in Configuration > Scan Settings > HTTP Options > User agent string.

      What technologies are used in your web site? Ideally, you get in touch with our support team, so we can get first hand experience of your website.

  • “Restrictions are actions that you want to restrict the scanner from performing. This includes clicking ‘Logout’, ‘Delete User’, ‘Send Email’ and any other button or hyperlink which should not be followed during the scan”

    If I restrict Logout only, does Acunetix change my data such as delete my users, product…… during the scan?

    • Hi,

      Testing all the web forms of the web application is an essential part of the scan. Testing involves submitting each web form multiple times. You should use the Login Sequence Recorder to restrict all the HTTP requests that you do not want the scanner to make, including clicking on buttons which delete users for example.

    • If you are referring to client certificates, in Acunetix WVS, the Login Sequence Recorder will automatically use any client certificates that you set up from Configuration > Application Settings > Client Certificates. Acunetix WVS will WVS will automatically decide which certificate to use based on a request’s URL.

    • Hi,

      You can insert a Manual action when you are recording the Login Actions using the Login Sequence Recorder. When the Login Sequence is replayed during the scan, you will be asked to insert the data required to proceed with the login.

  • Does recorder actually work with single-page Javascript-driven sites that use angularjs and nodejs? I cannot get the LSR to work when testing such sites at all, as neither the restricted links function nor the detect user session recognise anything I add to it. In addition, in the latest version of LSR, where’s the option to automatically create a regex pattern from content on a page?

    • Hi Steve,

      Yes, the latest version of the Acunetix LSR should support better SPA. I would recommend that you contact our support team so we can verify your SPA.

      The last step in the LSR is the part which detects the pattern that is used to identify a valid session. The LSR tries to do this automatically.
      Automatic detection is not always possible. In such cases, the LSR will go in manual browsing mode, where you will need to browse parts of the site which are only available once the user logs in (e.g. the user profile page or similar).

  • LSR is not able to play the sequence already recorded after manual intervention on a page for CAPTCHA authentication. I am facing this problem since last update in AVS Consultant edition 10.5
    Please guide me regarding the issue .

  • Hi,

    I have been trying to create a login sequence on one of my application which requires client certificate to test. I imported client certificate but still application is not accepting it. In order to run the application, I need to import root chain as well but there is no option to install root chain on the acunetix login sequence recoder. Please help me out. without root chain and client certificate, I can not run the test on acunetix.

  • Is there any way to import internet explorer settings into acunetix or directly if we can use internet explorer for login sequence.

  • Hi ,

    I am trying to scan a site protected by site minder , it has an http authentication , i set that up in application settings , but the scanner is not able to go inside the site . It has says too many redirections. Please help.

  • Hi ,

    Session was not valid after login sequence playback. We have ouath and time stamp mechanism is implemented

  • Hi,
    I am testing an application that uses JavaScript function for login form submit. The login action doesn’t work as JavaScript cannot run within LSR. Is there any workaround for this? Can JavaScript be enabled in LSR?

    • Hi Nazim,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The Login Sequence Recorder does support JavaScript. Perhaps it would be best to get in touch with our Support Team on support@acunetix.com to look into your issue in more detail.

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