• Hi! I have a question about login sequence file.
    If i want to create a login sequence file but i don’t want to use acunetix gui, can you show me the same way executing in the web interface?

    • Hi,

      You can only generate a login sequence file from the Acunetix interface. This would need to be pre-configured beforehand before you can use it from the Scheduled Scans web interface.

  • I am not be able to make login sequence of my site. I try to record it but i am not be able to login in Login sequence browser. Rather than that it’s working fine in Every single browser (except IE<10 ).

    Can I change the Login Sequence browser ??
    Can Anyone help me out , i am stuck in this matter since last four days. Every possible way i try, but it's not worked at all.

    Harsh Cygnet

    • Hi,

      The User Agent that is used the Login Sequence Recorder (LSR) is the one that is selected in Configuration > Scan Settings > HTTP Options > User agent string.

      What technologies are used in your web site? Ideally, you get in touch with our support team, so we can get first hand experience of your website.

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