FAQ: Large log files fill up your Hard Disk when using Acunetix WVS

When running several large scans (using the Scheduler, for example), you may encounter a situation where you run out of hard disk space for the logs generated by the scans. It would be useful to be able to redirect the logs folder to some other location to take advantage, for example, of Network Attached Storage to save your logs where capacity is available.

You can resolve this issue by simply exploiting Operating System functionality; by mounting an external NTFS disk into the folder that stores the logs, or maybe using a SYMLINK to a network folder by following this procedure:

  • shut down WVS
  • Rename the folder "C:\Users\some_user\Documents\Acunetix WVS 8Logs" to "C:\Users\some_user\Documents\Acunetix WVS 8old_Logs"
  • Create a directory SYMLINK for the "Logs" virtual folder to a remote network folder: "mklink /d C:\Users\some_user\Documents\Acunetix WVS 8\Logs \some_serversome_sharesome_folder"
  • start up WVS

From this point onwards, even though Acunetix WVS will save its logs in the normal folder location, the SYMLINK will redirect this folder to your network location and resolve any issues with hard disk capacity on your main Operating System disk.

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