• how to install this when I’m just using sharing hosting and don’t have root access just cpanel access?

    • Hi Lazaac,

      You can always upload a .htaccess file even if you do not have root access. You need to upload the .htaccess file to the root of the blog.

  • after uploading the .htaccess file i cant login …………………….please help……..

  • You can write the htaccess file with an usually editor as notepad or notepad++.
    If you are using Windows, you have to save the file on your computer as htaccess.txt (without dot before). Via FTP or SFTP, you upload your file in wp-admin folder; then, by cpanel, rename the file htaccess.txt in .htaccess (setting chmod in 644). You have see the Type file changing from text file to HTACCESS file.
    If you have not access root, you may upload the .htpasswd file in the same wp-admin directory, together the .htaccess file.

  • i generate htpasswd by htaccesstools.com but how to place this code into my site.. please please please help..

  • I’m still confused, I already have a htaccess file in the web root. Do I have to duplicate it to wp-admin?
    In this case where I have to upload htpassword?

    • Hi Baju,

      The .htaccess file in the root of the website has a different purpose. So you have to create a new .htaccess file for the wp-admin section as well. You should place the .htpasswd file in a non web directory ideally, i.e. a directory which is not accessible via web.

  • Please define a sample .htpasswd file for user name sojib and password abc,./

    wp-admin section .htaccess will work with .htpasswd? for prompt a user name password?

    • Hi Sojib,

      We cannot provide you with such sample, such information is not to be shared public. I would recommend you to find an online htpasswd generator. There are many available.

  • Hi, I am using a shared server. can I use it ?? then where do I put .htpassword?? And how do i specify the path in .htaccess??

  • I am wondering if you use the htpassword credentials to log in to the WordPress site now or the account information created in WordPress itself. And how does it affect the login process

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