Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 8 Now BETA 2

As the BETA program for Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 8 keeps gaining momentum, all the great feedback received from our BETA participants has helped us achieve the BETA 2 milestone. This brings a significant number of improvements to WVS 8, including new usability features, component enhancements, and a series of bug-fixes.

WVS 8 BETA 2 Change Log

The following updates have been included in the BETA 2 build of WVS 8:

Featured Improvements

  • Additional .NET AcuSensor support for .NET versions 3, 3.5, 4
  • Improved blind SQL injection timing tests for PostgreSQL
  • Improved blind SQL injection timing tests for request-timeout situations
  • Logs are now flushed to the log-file every 10 seconds when running in console mode
  • Scheduler feature: notification bar appears if the connection with the server is lost

Bug Fixes

  • Crash (runtime passive analysis) when “Disable Crawler Aerts” option is enabled
  • Problem with logging of HTTP_Anomalies when running multiple instances
  • Problem with writing to temp folder when running multiple instances
  • Issue with saving application logs to an invalid folder when running the Scheduler
  • Crash when multiple instances of WVS try to detect custom 404 error-page patterns
  • Scan does not resume correctly when the Scheduler automatically resumes a scan
  • Issue with retest functionality for web application scripts
  • Proxy crash, commonly when the process is already executing
  • Settings in use by another instance cannot be saved as a Scan Settings Template
  • Reporter crash when the text in the alert details is too long
  • Periodical vulnerability reports show incorrect publishing date
  • Database ID allocation is now synchronized between multiple WVS instances
  • Scan results cannot be download from the Scheduler since Internet Explorer 7 cache is not used
  • HTML report format is missing from the Scheduler web interface
  • Installer assigns full permissions to the license file (non-admin users receive an error when scanning)
  • Fixed the Scheduler’s Add Scan dialog on Internet Explorer 9
  • Errors related to a browser-tab do not appear if a different tab is being viewed
  • Malfunction with some Advanced Penetration testing tools when used through a proxy server
  • XSS tests are no longer case-sensitive
  • Scheduler returns invalid error message when connecting to password-protected applications
  • Scheduler not scanning password-protected applications
  • Crash with AcuSensor for .NET
  • False positives are saved for each user instead of globally
  • Changes to application settings not synchronized across multiple instances
  • Typos in UI
  • Reporter RTF-export malfunction
  • Reporter sets incorrect filename for exported and saved reports
  • Text wrap working inconsistently across reports

Become a Beta tester

Are you a security researcher who’s passionate about website security? Do you want to stay current with the latest cutting-edge web security scanning technologies? Contact us at to learn more. (Requests are subject to approval)

NOTE: Acunetix customers who already own an Enterprise or Consultant license with a valid maintenance agreement are automatically eligible to participate as beta testers.

The Acunetix WVS Version 8 user manual is available in PDF Format.

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