We need to be aware of web security and hackersCriminal hackers are getting more and more creative in their phishing and social engineering attacks on the web. This not only puts your website in the crosshairs but also your own personal information. A common question that comes up is: How do I stay in the know to keep from falling victim?

We’re constantly reminded of what to do and not to do. We see it in the headlines, see it in movies and even get it forced upon us by our employers or business partners. The lack of true awareness and ignorance of web security concepts is one of the greatest risks affecting us both personally and professionally today. This is especially true among those who assume they’re exempt or not a target. No amount of training is going to completely prevent security incidents, but it can go a long way so don’t stop educating yourself. The best thing to do is to never let your guard down. Keep web security on the top of your mind and help spread the word. In the end, it’s everyone’s problem.


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