Many people think of JavaScript as a way to create interactive and dynamic web pages. JavaScript gives visitors a great website experience across platforms and across browsers that can be adjusted and tweaked to fit the user’s device, interests, and history.  Plus it creates a more interactive web experience, responding to user actions with updates and new information. It is what JavaScript was made for.

Now JavaScript is finding a new role that is increasing its popularity as a programming language. As enterprise computing moves away from the desktop physically connected to servers toward mobile devices and the cloud, JavaScript is finding a different role in enterprise computing.  And we are not just talking about viewing great web pages – we are talking about access to powerful enterprise tools for both employees and customers.  JavaScript is becoming the “go to” language to make that happen for a number of reasons.

JavaScript is Browser Friendly

One important reason JavaScript is becoming the language for server-side enterprise web applications is that it works so well with browsers.  Whether you are accessing the web application with a notebook, tablet, or smart phone, you are still using some kind of browser.  Browsers will continue to be our portal to the World Wide Web for the foreseeable future.

Using JavaScript simplifies the browser interface. JavaScript was designed to work seamlessly across browsers and devices, so the expansion of browsers and devices has not created issues with using JavaScript. No matter how great an application is, if the user has trouble using it with his end device then the features and benefits are lost to them. The point of any program is to work for the user.  When the browser becomes a fence instead of a portal then mobile computing loses its mobility advantage, forcing people to wait until they are sitting at their desktop to do certain things.

Using JavaScript makes dealing with browsers much more straightforward than other languages without sacrificing the user interface and computing power.

JavaScript is Simple and Adaptable

Flexibility is important in the modern business world.  Things change more quickly than ever before, and adaptability is often linked directly to success. JavaScript is known for being a simple language to code, so it is more flexible than other programming languages like C in terms of being able to make updates or changes.

JavaScript was also designed to query databases and present data, initially to provide interactive web information like pricing or part numbers, but this feature is also highly useful when creating enterprise apps. Obviously the modern enterprise is data driven, and the faster and easier a program can gain access to the needed data the better the results.

Along with the simplicity of programming and access comes operation speed. Well written JavaScript will run fast and smoothly.

JavaScript is Gaining Power

Node.js is a recently developed software platform for creating scalable server-side applications built with JavaScript as the language. It lets JavaScript language have greater control over the server side execution without relying on other software like Apache. This allows the entire application to be created with JavaScript. Using one language from front to back reduces development time and frustration.

The power that node.js gives JavaScript as a server-side app programming language has answered many of its critics. The most well-known names on the Internet like EBay, LinkedIn, and Yahoo are already using JavaScript through node.js to deliver the rich client experience that their business model relies on. Another advantage of implementing JavaScript through node.js is the ability to push data to the client, even when the client isn’t active on the browser. Having the latest information available quickly without latency or overhead is an important benefit for enterprise applications.

Many industry experts agree that JavaScript and node.js will gain popularity in being implemented for web applications, and research shows it is one of the fastest growing languages, even though it was already widely used for creating engaging and consistent web content.  Most of this growth is likely in the area of writing larger scale enterprise apps. IT professionals who don’t recognize the advantages of uses JavaScript for web applications may be missing a great opportunity.

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