Why Web Security is not just an IT issueWhat’s your take on Web security? Do you see it as one of those techie things that other people should be handling? Or do you see it as your responsibility to ensure everything associated with your Web presence is in check?

Well, according to a study by Avira, 26% of the people surveyed claim they don’t think about security at all – it’s the responsibility of those working in IT. Based on what I see in my work, I think this percentage is even higher. People can talk the talk about security when they need to, but their actions speak much more loudly. If you work for yourself or simply have a personal Web presence, this is even more important. No one else is concerned about your website security so you have to look out for yourself.

Web security is not just an IT thing and yet non-techies can’t be expected to know and do it all. In the end, good Web security is about everyone working together toward a common goal. If you use the right tools to ensure your website is locked down from the threats and vulnerabilities that continually crop up, you’ll know that you’re doing your part.


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