Maintain a safe website to keep your visitors happyNowadays, website malware, online scams and other sorts of web security hazards have become a common nuisance. How can anyone be safe with dangerous websites popping up constantly? Well, you can easily spot if you are on a hacked website or not by following some of these helpful tips.

Use a Website Adviser

There are a few highly trusted website advisers that will provide you with data you can use to determine if a website is safe or not. These online resources test websites for online security threats. Their databases can inform you if a site has a record of pop-ups, trojans, malicious applications, or malware links.

Use Web Browser Safety Add-Ons

Before you know if a website is dangerous, you can block the site from loading potentially harmful applications into your browser. Free script blocking software can be added to most browsers. They allow you to choose which websites can install these applications (you may permit an online banking service, for example). Script blocking will prevent attacks that can hijack your browser information.

Check the Website’s Information

A website has a list of information that establishes if it is a safe website or not and whether it is legitimate. The domain name itself provides you with vital information. For example, sites with .edu, .org and .gov extensions are considerably more trustworthy because there are restrictions in place that prevent just anyone from obtaining them. You can also check to see if the website is affiliated with a trusted company or offers SSL Security for your purchasing.

Google is Your Friend

Doing a search to find information on the site is a good way to establish if it’s a safe website. If it’s not a safe website, you are bound to read horror stories about it from those who have fallen victim. The infamous Google Blacklist is a database of sites that have been found to host malware.


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