Modern web applications are often in continuous development in highly automated workflows, so keeping them secure requires equally automated AppSec solutions. When you add to this a highly dynamic threat environment, manual security processes cannot hope to keep up. This post presents highlights from an Invicti ebook that shows how you can finally stop compromising on security.

The looming cybersecurity crisis

Data breaches are in the news almost every day, growing both in number and scale. In fact, the number of data records exposed in 2020 was over twice that in 2019 – and over 30 times more than in 2013. Web software is on the front lines of that struggle, with 2 out of 5 data breaches in 2020 originating from a web application. The pressure is on cybersecurity teams to stem that tide, but new talent is hard to find and professional burnout is a very real risk – while increased spending on tools often does not directly translate into security improvements. Clearly, existing tools and processes are not up to the job.

The sad reality of endless backlogs

As the weight of cybersecurity shifts from local corporate networks to the cloud, web development has come to dominate software development in general. With business-critical web applications being built and updated at a frantic pace, many organizations are struggling to scale up their manual security testing methods. All too often, “good enough” tools that were usable at a smaller scale turn out to be unusable when working with hundreds of applications and thousands of vulnerabilities. This leaves the same security team with an ever-growing backlog of security issues that they need to verify, triage, assign, and monitor. With no realistic way of ever catching and fixing every security defect, they are forced to make some tough choices.

Impossible choices in web application security

Deciding which of your websites and applications you want to secure is like being asked to choose your favorite child – an impossible choice that nobody should ever have to make. And yet this is exactly the dilemma facing AppSec teams in organizations worldwide. Understaffed and overworked, they are forced to make security tradeoffs every day, painfully aware that the next big data breach could be lurking right around the corner. If only there was some way to address all security issues across all your web assets without a huge team, in realistic time, and without any tradeoffs…

Modern AppSec shows the way

Building on over a decade of application security research and development, Invicti delivers solutions that really work, opening the way to true efficiency and scalability in web application security. Advanced tools can now bring accurate results directly into your existing workflows to streamline and automate AppSec testing at every stage of the software development life cycle.

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Ariel Miller
Director of Communications
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