VIDEO: Data mining against a DeluxeBB web application with Acunetix Blind SQL Injector tool

In this video, the Acunetix Blind SQL Injector tool is used for data mining purposes against a real life web applicaion, DeluxeBB. Using the AcuSensor Technology, and manually configuring the Blind SQL Injector, in this video one can see a … [+]

VIDEO: Meeting PCI DSS requirements with Acunetix

Unlike web application firewalls, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner focuses on fixing web security problems, whether than preventing them from happening. Acunetix WVS helps in detecting cross site scripting, sql injections and other web vulnerabilities before the web application is exposed … [+]

OpenX 2.6.4 vulnerabilities were identified with Acusensor

If you are making use of OpenX, the following update fixes a number of security flaws that were identified when we made use of Acunetix WVS with the Acusensor technology enabled. Released an advisory detailing these vulnerabilities here. The SQL … [+]

VIDEO: Web scanning made easy with Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

This short video shows how easy it is to launch a vulnerability scan against a website or web application using the scan wizard in Acunetix WVS. It also shows the amount of technical detail Acunetix WVS reports when a vulnerability … [+]

A quick security analysis of Facebook's Album Privacy

A quick security analysis of Facebook's Album Privacy

Most social networking sites have privacy options which allow users to share photo albums with selected people or groups. Such features encourage end users to upload possibly compromising photos, for example photos of last night’s party. The idea is that … [+]

VIDEO: Data mining with Acunetix Blind SQL Injection Tool

In this presentation we show you how to use the Acunetix Blind SQL Injection tool for data mining. If an SQL injection is found in a website or web application, as you will see in the following presentation, a malicious … [+]

Tutorial on how to test for Broken Authentication using Acunetix WVS tools

Broken authentication is the 7th in the OWASP top 10 web application vulnerabilities. It is a security problem that is prevalent in many web applications, especially custom ones or those written in-house.  Sandro just published a tutorial showing how to … [+]

Acunetix Free Edition Tutorial

In this tutorial the author shows how to launch a scan against a website and points out the features available in this version.  The author also points out the amount of detail Acunetix WVS reports on each file and vulnerability discovered.  … [+]