Protect your Brand against HackersThese days, everyone and their grandmother has a website or blog. It’s becoming more and more common for the average person to have a website, whether it’s for informational purposes or as a way to promote a product or service. Either way, there is a ton of competition on the web which results in higher stakes for site rank and traffic, which we all know equals success and profit.

However, unless you have a secure website that your visitors will learn to trust and appreciate, you may have trouble promoting whatever it is you’re trying to sell. Those that have much success in this area own a website or brand that customers have learned to trust which results in high traffic and even greater profits.

Those who are fortunate enough to own a brand that has provided them with great success on the web must do all they can to protect the integrity of their brand. In order to accomplish this, it’s imperative that every website owner protects their website from hacking and website malware. There are some dire consequences as a result of hacking, which can include:

  • SERP’s display a warning to visitors that your site is harmful.
  • Visitors to your site receive virus alerts or have been infected by a virus.
  • Visitors are redirected to other sites.
  • Sudden decrease of traffic.
  • Change of code and files within your site.
  • The content of your site being compromised.
  • Being unable to access your website. Loss of sensitive information (owner and customer).

As you can see, there is a lot riding on website security and the integrity and safety of your brand. Many website owners spend heaps of time and money in order to attract customers and increase their website rankings, only to be shot down in flames because of a lack of website security monitoring.

Having a website scanning solution that effectively scans your website for any vulnerabilities is crucial. If any vulnerabilities are found, the owner can take the steps to quickly address the vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers.


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