Criminal hackers have it made. They know that many people don’t get – or completely ignore – online security. This attitude from many is at the core of why we experience website security issues. But, as problematic as the human factor can be, the real reasons behind web security and a website hacking are not as complex. Here’s what the bad guys know (and don’t want you to find out):

Websites are everywhere – literally millions of them – so there are plenty of potential targets for a hacker attack.

  1. Many web systems are installed with default settings and therefore easily compromised.
  2. Hackers can have free reign on any system in the world as long as it’s accessible on the Internet.
  3. Every website is unique and the underlying code represents innumerable opportunities for a hacker attack.
  4. Basic security “checks” that are performed by website owners are often too high level to be of value.
  5. Their hacker attacks will likely go unnoticed.
  6. The odds of getting caught are in their favor and even when they are caught, there’s rarely any incentive for anyone to do anything about it – especially law enforcement.

Criminal hackers no longer need physical access to your computer nor do they need to convince you to open an email to perform their misdeeds. You simply need a web presence – especially one that goes unsecured and improperly managed. From the comfort of their own home computer or smartphone, the world is the bad guys’ oyster. These people have nothing better to do and often have very little to lose. Do yourself a favor and do something about your web security so you can avoid having a hacked website.


Acunetix developers and tech agents regularly contribute to the blog. All the Acunetix developers come with years of experience in the web security sphere.