As you might expect, there is a projected large increase in criminal activities forecasted for this year.  Driving malware and trojan infections via YOUR website is now becoming more of a standard operating procedure than ever.  As reported in ThreatPosts more recent listing: ‘Spammers Gearing Up Botnets For Holiday Rush‘ criminals are ramping up quickly.

This matches up with our most recent survey data.  We have found that Google’s Malware database systems are sitting around 350,000 records, and growing sometimes by over 10,000 records a day.  Our analysis shows that the ‘net new’ number is actually growing exponentially and we are prepping for large jumps of these in the coming months.

We usually (after an infection) get asked for security monitoring of the customer website.  This is a critical component that many folks neglect to consider – either before or after an infection.  Much like a home invasion, planning a security audit afterwards isn’t going to help.

Therefore go ahead, and download your 14-day trial of Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner and audit your website’s security today before it is too late. Identify vulnerabilities and fix them before they are exploited by the bad guys!



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