An updated build of Acunetix WVS Version 7 has been released.  This build addresses a number of bug fixes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Replay of recorded login sequences was not working properly in the free version
  • Fixed: NTLM authentication was not working properly when using specific type of credentials
  • Fixed: Crash in Login Sequence Recorder while detecting invalid session on some particular websites
  • Bugfix: Fixed XSS tests to automatically follow redirects
  • Bugfix: Fixed script error in ASP.NET padding oracle test

How to upgrade to build 201001028:

On starting up Acunetix WVS, a pop up window will automatically notify you that a more recent build is available for download.  To download the latest build, navigate to General > Program Updates node in the Tools explorer, and click on Download and Install new build.

Click here for the complete Acunetix WVS change log.

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