Website virus attacks are prominent. Are you protected against them?The internet waters aren’t safe anymore as malware and hackers prowl online businesses. Just when you think you have things ticking over nicely, bam! you have a website virus! Website viruses can show up and set you back for weeks in functionality and reputation. The worst thing about hackers is that they can attack your website in so many ways – ways you could never have even expected.

It used to take a great deal of knowledge and vigilance to stay on top of these threats, but with web vulnerability scanners such as Acunetix, every webmaster, regardless of their expertise in security issues, can stay protected. It’s also important to make sure you’ve got your hosting provider sorted out. Have you ever thought of asking your hosting service provider about what security measures they have in place?

Website Virus Attacks can Hurt your Pocket

Every online company owner should have the right to conduct business without the fear of an attack looming. Hackers that introduce malware into your website ruin the Internet experience for you and your visitors. It has been know that hackers have made money by hacking eCommerce solutions in such a way that even the webmaster is unaware. Having your eCommerce system attacked is terrible, but even worse than having your own money pinched out of your pocket is the revenue that can be lost via your online business’ bad reputation. Hackers nowadays are more than likely to attempt to damage your online reputation than steal your money. If your website develops a bad rep, how many visitors will remain? Many individuals will not visit your website if they think that by doing so they run the risk of infecting their own PC and maybe passing on any website viruses they received from your website to their friends. Good hosting companies, coupled with website virus security companies, will provide you with protection against these hazards. Furthermore, they will stay on top of developments in the hacker community so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with outdated software protections.

In order to combat any hacker issues it would be wise to keep on top of the action. You could do this on your own, but it would take you forever to check all the different methods of attack used by hackers. Also, if you decided to take this task on, you would have to continue testing, reading, scanning and so on and so forth since hackers have perfected the art of adaptation.

The Evolution of the Hacker

In the good old days, hackers introduced software viruses that could slow down and in some cases, stop your Internet connection as well as render your computer obsolete. Not long after that, Trojans came along, which had the ability to log keystrokes and steal passwords and credit card details. As time has progressed, hackers have evolved. Spyware now affects millions of home PC’s worldwide, but again, that wasn’t enough for the hacker. Their latest gift to the world is malware. Website malware is a virus that can either destroy a website quickly or can lay dormant until triggered. Unfortunately, malware doesn’t discriminate against business websites and standard blogs. Just like the viruses of old, website malware is ruthless.

Even with a strong understanding of computers, there is a large chance that you will fall victim to some sort of malicious piece of software. Therefore, it pays to have a team of professionals that will keep securely safeguarding your web presence and keep you in the loop with regards to the latest hacker developments and prevention schemes. Unfortunately, hiring a full-time website security consultant could cost you and/or your business thousands per month.

The Solution to Fighting Against a Website Virus

I am sure you have an anti-virus software running in the background. If not, it is highly recommended that you download one and keep it regularly updated. What I am not sure of is if you are proactively scanning for vulnerabilities which hackers can use to get your site infected. How are you keep updated, or better ahead of hackers?

Acunetix provides you with the vulnerability scanning solution that allows you detect ways that hackers can use to infect your site. Register for your 14-day trial today to assess the security of your website.

While website virus infections, malware and hackers may never go away completely, you can at least have peace of mind knowing that your online business or personal blog is secured against a website infection. Solutions like Acunetix are on hand to make sure your websites’ reputation remains clean.


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