MALTA, 4 December 2013- Acunetix today announced the beta release of its latest product, Acunetix Online Vulnerability Scanner.

Responsive, scalable and centralised with unmatched deep crawling and scanning capabilities, Acunetix Online Vulnerability Scanner promises to help businesses of any size protect their websites, web applications and web servers through an easy-to-use and intuitive web-based solution.

The Acunetix online vulnerability scanning solution makes use of the same state-of-the-art and proprietary crawling and scanning technologies available in its on-premises solution. The online web scanner deploys several advanced techniques to crawl most technologies such as HTML5 and scan for thousands of vulnerabilities including some which other commercial scanners are unable to detect such as DOM Cross-Site Scripting.

Acunetix Online Vulnerability Scanner takes full advantage of the possibilities available through such cloud-based software solutions. Registration to Acunetix Online Vulnerability Scanner is easy, allowing you to start checking your web applications and your servers for vulnerabilities directly from the our servers. This provides organizations the same perspective as an attacker without the need for any further headcount.

Some other features include:
• Complete vulnerability management through one holistic dashboard
• Perimeter server scanning
• Recurring and scheduled scans
• Easy to interpret and prioritised vulnerability alerts with further information to make remediation easier
• Complete set of compliance reports including OWASP Top 10, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and HIPPAA.

Complete Vulnerability Management in one Holistic Dashboard

Dashboard (Click to enlarge)

Online Vulnerability Scanner - All Scans

All Scans (Click to enlarge)

Want to Join the Community of Beta Testers?

Hundreds of security professionals across the globe are currently testing the beta release and providing their feedback before the final product release.

Visit to register and participate in the BETA of Acunetix Online Vulnerability Scanner. Please send your feedback to

Ideally, scans should be done on test servers and copies of your web sites. Web scans might try to inject data in the web application, which might result in email forms, or other forms being submitted multiple times.


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