Imagine having the easiest-to-use security scanner on an easiest-to-use operating system – now it’s possible. Acunetix is now available on macOS.

You can harness the full power of Acunetix using your operating system of choice, be it Windows, Linux, macOS, or the cloud. You can start scanning your applications in just a few clicks but Acunetix is not only simple, it is also powerful. No other web application vulnerability scanner will let you do interactive application security testing (IAST) together with out-of-band scanning, malware scanning, and much more. No other scanner will do that as fast and as efficiently, proving many vulnerabilities by providing you with examples of data that the user should not be able to access.

Acunetix is all about continuous innovation. It pioneered dynamic application security testing (DAST), was the first business-class web application security scanner on Linux, and now it is the first Mac vulnerability scanner as well. No other scanner even comes close in the range of capabilities and efficiency coupled with outstanding accuracy and depth of scans.

If you’d like to see Acunetix in action on macOS, Windows, Linux, or in the cloud, request a demo.

Oksana Pure
Marketing Manager
Oksana Pure is a Marketing Manager at Acunetix. She is a world citizen, having worked in Australia, Latvia, France and now Malta. An experienced marketing professional, she is interested in branding, online marketing, and communications.