Why Choose Acunetix Over Alternatives?

Securing your IT assets against blackhat hackers is like securing your home against burglars. You must choose the right tools for the job. For example, if you live in a 10-floor apartment block, it makes no sense to install a fence around the perimeter. If you have a huge mansion, a single burglar alarm at the main door will not suffice.

When you choose IT security tools, you need to look at what assets are most exposed. You also need to make sure that the chosen tools can secure these assets. If you have many websites on a renowned cloud platform and only use a network security scanner, you are not going to be well-secured. If you have a large organization and only use precision tools like Metasploit, your IT staff is going to be overloaded.

Acunetix is the best choice in the following cases:

  • If you have a major web presence. Acunetix is a specialized web vulnerability scanner built from the ground up to protect your web assets. Network security scanners (for example, Nessus or Qualys), source code analyzers (for example, Veracode or Checkmarx), and web application firewalls (for example, Incapsula) alone are not going to protect your web presence as well as Acunetix.
  • If you feel that your web assets are at high risk of hacking. There are several excellent web security scanners on the market (for example, Netsparker, Burp Suite, Detectify, OWASP ZAP, Sitelock) but Acunetix offers specialized technologies that let you detect more and fix faster. With AcuMonitor, you can detect blind (out-of-band) vulnerabilities and with AcuSensor, you can pinpoint the location of the security issue.
  • If you have an organization with a significant number of websites and/or web applications. If so, you can’t afford to hunt for false positives. You also need a tool with a focus on ease of use, centralization, automation, and integration. Acunetix provides all that and more.
  • If you don’t want to hire a whole team of specialized penetration testers for basic tasks. Manual penetration testing is very important but spending pentester time on mundane activities is a waste. Manual pentest tools should be the second stage with a dedicated web security scanner as the first stage tool.

The core strength of Acunetix lies in its focus on web security, unlike solutions that cover a wider range of security aspects, for example, Tenable products. Key strong points of Acunetix are also scanning speed, the lowest number of false positives, ease of use, unique technologies (out-of-band monitoring and IAST), and SDLC integration. Acunetix is also one of the best-established solutions on the market so you can feel safe that it will continue to develop with you.

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