Vulnerability Name CVE Severity
SharePoint Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (CVE-2017-8514) CVE-2017-8514
Slow HTTP Denial of Service Attack
SMTP EXPN/VRFY verbs enabled
SMTP open mail relay
SNMP information disclosure
Snoop Servlet information disclosure CVE-2012-2170
Source code disclosure
Spring Boot Actuator
Spring Boot Actuator v2
SQLite database found
SSL certificate common name invalid
SSL weak ciphers
Symfony web debug toolbar
Test CGI script leaking environment variables
The FREAK attack (export cipher suites supported) CVE-2015-0204
The POODLE attack (SSLv3 supported) CVE-2014-3566
TLS/SSL certificate key size too small
TLS 1.0 enabled
TLS1/SSLv3 Renegotiation Vulnerability
Tornado debug mode
Tornado weak secret key
Unencrypted __VIEWSTATE parameter
Universal Plug and Play service running
Unrestricted access to NGINX+ API interface (read only)
Unrestricted access to NGINX+ Dashboard
Unrestricted access to NGINX+ Upstream HTTP interface
URL redirection
URL redirection (Web Server)
URL rewrite vulnerability
User-controlled form action
User controllable charset
User controllable tag parameter
User credentials are sent in clear text
Virtual host directory listing
Vulnerable Javascript library
W3 total cache debug mode
Web2py weak secret key
Webalizer script
WebDAV directory listing
WordPress 3.4.2 dashboard incoming links Cross-site Request Forgery CVE-2012-4448
WordPress database credentials disclosure
WordPress pingback scanner CVE-2013-0235
WordPress username enumeration
WordPress XML-RPC authentication brute force
WS_FTP log file found
XSS on Apache HTTP Server 413 error pages via malformed HTTP method CVE-2007-6203
Yii2 debug toolkit
Yii2 Gii extension
Yii2 weak secret key
You are using an old version of Typo3