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Acunetix WVS v9.5 build 20140902 detects Hibernate Query Injection, Format Strings and more

September 02, 2014 - 11:30am

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner version 9.5 build 20140902 has been updated to include new vulnerability checks, including detection of Hibernate Query Injection, format strings vulnerabilities, MySQL username disclosure and others, including some, in well-known web applications. This new build also ... [+]

How can I troubleshoot AcuSensor Technology issues when scanning .NET applications?

How can I troubleshoot AcuSensor Technology issues when scanning .NET applications?

When you inject a .NET application using the Acunetix .NET AcuSensor Injector, the output of the status window should look like the screen shot below.  In this example, 8 files were injected.  In some cases, not all the files/assemblies from … [+]

What can I do if I find an error or problem in Acunetix WVS?

Every Acunetix WVS build released passes through a series of usability and quality assurance tests before being released to the public.  However, certain setups and scenarios can produce unexpected results. If you encounter any strange or incorrect WVS functionality, and … [+]

FAQ: Acunetix WVS Scan Settings templates

FAQ: Acunetix WVS Scan Settings templates

Scan Settings templates give you the ability to configure the scanner and save such configuration settings as a template for future use, instead of having to reconfigure the global scanner settings for different targets. Using Scan Settings Templates, you can … [+]

FAQ: Which Web Security Alerts are Detected by the Acunetix Crawler?

Acunetix WVS displays vulnerability alerts and threats in real-time during the whole process of the scan. Before scanning a site, WVS first crawls the website to find all available input forms/links that can be manipulated later during the scanning stage. … [+]

FAQ: Is it possible to have different scan settings templates?

In version 8 of WVS, it is possible to save the settings used to scan a website as a template. It is possible to have as many scan settings templates as you like, and they can all be recalled on … [+]

FAQ: How can I scan multiple websites with Acunetix WVS?

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner provides the functionality to scan multiple websites at the same time through the web-based Acunetix WVS scheduler. The Acunetix Scheduler will run a new WVS instance for each website scheduled to be scanned. The number of … [+]

Why does Acunetix write 'connection was terminated by host' in the error log?

“Connection was terminated by host” indicates that the remote server being scanned is closing the connections being sent to it from Acunetix WVS.  There are several reasons why this might happen, but typically it is encountered when the server cannot handle … [+]

Why does Acunetix WVS detect site pages that don't exist?

Why does Acunetix WVS detect site pages that don't exist?

Some websites are designed to use custom 404 error pages instead of a web browser’s standard error page because they can be branded and made to contain useful links to other important pages. If your website uses custom 404 error … [+]