Lowest False Positives Guarantees Web Application Security

While ensuring a high detection rate is important for proper web application security the detection of inexistant vulnerabilities are a nightmare to deal with, Acunetix excels with the lowest false positive rate in the industry. False positives reduce confidence in the scanner and waste the time of pen-testers and developers alike in trying to find and fix vulnerabilities. Acunetix will save valuable time for your security and development teams.

Category Accuracy
SQL Injection 100% / 0% FP
XSS (Reflected) 100% / 0% FP

Source – WAVSEP Web Application Scanner Benchmark 2014

Innovative AcuSensor Technology Guarantees Low False Positives

Acunetix’ unique AcuSensor Technology is able to automatically verify whether vulnerabilities that are found using black box scanning techniques are real vulnerabilities. AcuSensor performs additional tests, making use of the code on the backend, to ensure that the vulnerabilities detected can actually be exploited. This allows an Acunetix scan to give a near to 0% false positive rate when AcuSensor is used.

Pinpoints exact location of Vulnerability

Furthermore, Acusensor technology is able to indicate the line of code causing the vulnerability and report additional debug information in the web application security scan results. This will greatly ease the developer’s task of fixing the vulnerabilities.

Acunetix is available as Software (On Premise) or Online (Hosted). Choose your trial.